What is MOLL?

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What is MOLL?

Post by Akira Ichimonji on Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:43 pm

Moll is free speech forum and it's only for characters to discuss various of topics without the threads getting locked for awful reasons unless it's a good reason to lock a thread that violates the rules and we don't ban users for being toxic otherwise the site would be misleading and the site is maybe anime however there are avatars that don't fall under anime so this forum is a borderline anime website.

Why did you build MOLL?
MAL(Myanimelist) is now locking threads for having too much fun and also threads for being toxic plus, MAL bans people for being toxic and more plus, MAL is a democratic community which means the rightwingers are the minority and there's lack of insults and probably name-calling on MAL (If it isn't the same as insults.) Lastly, just a site to compete with MAL.

What is MOLL for?

It's for the alt right however most of us aren't conservatives there will be some that considers themselves conservative because they know how to handle being conservative and MOLL isn't open/diverse to any character in this forum for unknown reason.
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